Practice Areas

Intellectual Property

At the heart of any business is its brand name.   Mosaic understands the profound effect a brand can have on the consumer public, whether in a local, national, or international environment.   We are well-versed in assisting clients with brand selection, adoption, and strategy, and we do so in a manner that is economical and efficient for our clients.  

Once we have worked with our clients to develop a cohesive branding strategy, we shift our focus to federal trademark protection and enforcement.   Mosaic has extensive experience in trademark matters at the governmental, in-house, and private practice levels.   Mosaic understands how to maneuver through the trademark registration process and then utilize that process to strengthen a client’s brand in the marketplace.   Our expertise includes the portfolio management, prosecution, licensing, policing, and defense of our clients' brands, as well as Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings and federal litigation.  

With today’s technology, domain name rights can be equally as important to a client’s business as the client’s brand.   Mosaic understands the laws pertaining to domain name ownership, and we have extensive experience advising clients on domain name rights, including the negotiation and resolution of domain name disputes.  

Clients also frequently extend their property protection beyond branding so as to safeguard their software code, website content, and/or other creative expression.   At Mosaic, we can identify protectable content, explain the benefits of copyright protection, and guide our clients through the registration process.